Listonic is a free app that improves the quality of your grocery shopping by making it easier, faster, and most importantly smarter.





Your list, everywhere

Your list is synced on all your Listonic devices, allowing for seamless adding or removing items and easy sharing lists with others. Wherever you need it, your list is there.

Smart shopping tips

Use our savvy food hacks and smart shopping tips to make the most of what you buy. Become a more conscious shopper.

smart tips
create list quickly

Create a list quickly

A quick list is created based on your previous choices or items most often bought by other users. Listonic is smart and learns what you like, based on the items you put on the list.

Share your list

Shopping with others? Share your list and split the work. Saves you time and increases your chances of remembering everything you need.

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Shop faster

No more putting in unnecessary mileage at the store. Listonic sorts your list items in store aisle order, mapping the best route to get your groceries.

Type or speak

Typing down the name of the item is just one of the methods of adding items to list. You can also speak and the app will put the item on the list! A photo next to the item ensures that you buy the right product.