Listonic for Android Wear

The top rated smart shopping list is now available
on your wrist. Right where it’s most handy.

Android Wear shopping list app Listonic

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What makes the app special

Listonic shopping list

Simple and user friendly

We’ve focused on essentials keeping the app fast, simple and glanceable. With an interface tailored to shopping, you can do groceries without ever taking your phone out.

Timely notifications

Get notified every time your partner adds a product or when somebody shares a new shopping list with you. A gentle buzz on your wrist will keep you updated.

shopping list with a phone
Shopping list on Android Wear preview

Beautifully crafted

From smooth animations to its fresh colors, this app just feels good. It’s material design done right – clean, meaningful with small details that make it go the extra mile.

Smart Voice Input

Our speech recognition feature lets you dictate whole shopping lists all at once. Create new lists or update existing ones without having to use your phone. It’s pretty smooth. See it in action.

smart voice input

Connected with the top rated Android app

The watch app is connected with Listonic – The Smart Shopping List.

We’re on a mission to create the most intelligent grocery app in the world. So far, we’ve become the top rated grocery shopping list on Google Play and in 2017, we’ve been the most downloaded shopping list app in every English speaking market.

Features of Listonic

Listonic is compatible with Android Wear 2.0 supporting a curved, rotational layout as well as an ambient mode.

And of course, once you open Listonic on your phone, it has all the features you’d expect from a top-rated shopping list app:

Sharing and synchronization

Smart item sorting by store aisle

Barcode scanner

Automatic recognision of quantities and units

Over 2000 smart shopping tips and food hacks

Prices adding and product details

Notifications about changes on lists

Huge database of products

Handy Android widget

Quick recipe to list transformation

Sharing lists through email and text

List archive and shopping history

Listonic logo

We’re making shopping lists a science, so you don’t have to.

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