What makes Listonic a special shopping list

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Listonic - the smart shopping list

Listonic gives you everything you’d want out of a modern shopping list app and more…
What really makes us stand out from the crowd is excelling at these 3 things. Smart is the key word.


Smarter, thus quicker shopping list creation

Making your shopping lists is much quicker because Listonic is much smarter. This is not your average intuitive prompter, but a finely tuned component that understands your actual shopping history and that generally, 70% of the products you buy are recurring purchases.

smart grocery shopping prompter

it suggests the most
relevant products as you type

smart suggestions to your list as you type

automatically recognizes
quantities and units

voice input for your shopping list

voice input

Create complete lists in just few clicks


Smart shopping tips and food hacks

Listonic gives you smart tips on how to make the most of the things you buy. Some seriously practical stuff that will help you save money, eat cleaner, and become a more conscious shopper as well as a more eco-friendly being.


healthy tips


smart recipes


shopping tips

shopping tips matched to list


and so much more…
all matched to the products
you actually buy


Material Design, smartly done.

Listonic just got a huge Material Design makeover with all new beautiful screens, icons, and animations and a super smooth UX tailored to grocery shopping.

create a list quickly
add products
check shopping tips

It’s Material Design done right, and we’re about to become the best overall grocery shopping experience in the Android ecosystem when we release our brand new:


web version with Material Design


Android Wear app


With SMART being the word, we made Listonic both smarter and smarter looking.

By the way we’re the most popular grocery shopping list app in Poland with over 1,000,000 downloads. And, with the release of our brand new Material Design website and Android Wear to complete the package, we plan to be the best shopping list solution in the Android ecosystem.

Of course, Listonic has all the standard features you’d expect from a shopping list app:


sharing + real time sync


multiplatform (Android, iOS, WP)


smart sorting
(by store aisle)


add prices and product details


huge database of products


handy Android widget

Listonic logo

We’re making shopping lists a science, so you don’t have to.

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